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acdw's capsule acdw's Gemini capsule. They're the developer of bollux and an admin of breadpunks.club. personal, gemini, blog Added by u9000

Inigo Quilez This is the website of a brilliant graphcs and demoscene programmer, and one of the creators of shadertoy. There are a lot of clever algorithms and tricks in here, especially for fullscreen-quad/shadertoy style demos. blog, tech, graphics, math Added by benjamin

Mechanical Sympathy A blog about performant software engineering on modern hardware. The absolutely miraculous performance improvements in computer hardware over the past few decades have been almost completely almost entirely cancelled out by inefficient software. This blog explains many of the the performance properties and quirks of modern hardware in order to build software that actually takes advantage of it. blog, tech, programming, performance Added by benjamin

Matt Phar's blog The blog of Matt Phar, one of the authors behind the computer graphics textbook 'Physically Based Rendering, From Theory to Implementation', which goes into detail on the implementation of an educational renderer, pbrt. His blog contains some articles about solving specific graphics problems, as well as longer series. The series about the development of th e ispc compiler, and rendering the Moana Island dataset with pbrt are particularly interesting. blog, tech, graphics, math Added by benjamin

The Webb Blog The blog of Anthony Paul Webb, a software architect, the articles here are really fascinating. Of particular interest are the articles on operating system UI - so much of the commentary on operating systems is focused on the underlying technical debates (microkernel vs. monolithic kernel, permissions systems, sandboxing, etc). This is a refreshing change, and it doesn't hurt that the writing is good. personal, blog, tech, user interface Added by reed

evilsocket The blog of Simone (different than simone.computer I believe) a self-taught programmer with an interest in security. Some awesome articles and projects, including the amazing Pwnagotchi, an automated wifi deauther with a cute face and a personality. Unfortunately it appears that Simone is taking a break to focus their efforts elsewhere but hopefully soon they return to publishing their awesome content. blog, personal, open source, tech Added by reed

Back Street Frying The website of 3 friends, and the recipes and food they eat. Find the "secret" blog or poke through some recipes. Consult the oracle for your mealplans, if you dare. personal, blog, culture, food Added by reed

Nerdy Pleasures This guy does a ton of hacking on old computers and gaming systems. There's some great hardware mods I've found on here and a huge wealth of content on systems from the Game Boy to DOS and the PCjr. retrocomputing, gaming, personal, blog Added by uelen

The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation A site dedicated to medieval music and arts as well as other random musings. Going strong since 1991 music, medieval, blog Added by uelen

~gwern The Website of Gwern Branwen - this is a fascinatingly complex personal site/wiki, with extensive writing on a variety of topics. Worth it just for looking at the beautiful web/graphic design. Also a great example of a minimalist and fast site that still has all kinds of interface niceties like link previews and drop capitals. personal, blog, design, tech, hackers, journal, web, culture Added by reed

Habitat Chronicles A blog site ran by the creators of Habitat. Covers random technical work, MMOs, and other varied topics blog, mmo, tech Added by uelen

Spitalfields Life A daily blog of the anonymous author's life in Spitalfields, London. Pictures, well-written stories and blog posts, and fascinating little slices of life in a really historic area. Hard to describe adequately. blog, archaeology, literature Added by reed

~Stephen Marz The blog of Stephen Marz. Stephen is building and documening an operating system that runs on RISC-V blog, personal, osdev, riscv Added by uelen

TYP3 Technologies Charles' forge for tech rust, personal, blog Added by aujxn

~kickscondor Who knows, really? This is a fascinating blog/web-directory/art piece? Honestly just worth exploring for the weird style and incredible variety of bizarre web animations. blog, journal, culture, design, media, web Added by reed

~xj9 xj9's personal site and blog personal, blog, solarpunk Added by uelen

Lost Art Press Blog A blog published by Lost Art Press, a small publisher focusing on historical woodworking. Lots of fascinating articles on the design of furniture and tools throughout history - really neat for those into UX and product design. Occasional material that, although not political really, touches on the founder's peculiar brand of anarchism. diy, blog, anarchism, design Added by reed

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs Fascinating DIY boats by Jim Michalak - these are rather unusual and strange looking, but easy to build and fun to use! He has a catalog of 'prototype' boats available for $3, and articles on boat design fairly regularly. diy, boats, blog Added by reed

Alex Schroeder's Blog The online diary of Alex Schroeder, developer of the Oddmuse wiki platform (used by Emacswiki, which he also runs.) Also writes about TTRPGS and programming (occasionally combining the two!) lisp, ttrpgs, blog Added by reed

Ribbonfarm Articles by very smart but slightly eccentric writers. Mostly focused on modern culture and events journal, blog Added by uelen

la finzdani uelen's personal site personal, blog Added by uelen

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