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The Public Domain Review An online journal and not-for-profit project that focuses on the exploration of interesting public-domain works. public domain, literature, art, library Added by reed

The George Orwell Library A collection of Orwell's works, all in a 2000s web format. Various other works are here too like bibliographic works and Huxley's Brave New World library, literature Added by uelen

Spitalfields Life A daily blog of the anonymous author's life in Spitalfields, London. Pictures, well-written stories and blog posts, and fascinating little slices of life in a really historic area. Hard to describe adequately. blog, archaeology, literature Added by reed

the textfile directory A collection of plain-text files, primarily from the mid-1980s, when person-to-person-via-computer communication happened almost exclusively in plain text. Think of these as the original memes, before computers were good at sending and displaying graphics. See the Top 100 to get a sense of what kind of material is here. retrocomputers, culture, literature, tech, computers, hackers Added by reed

Eat Your Words A recipe series centered around the food in the lives and works of famous authors. Released by The Paris Review literary magazine. food, literature Added by reed

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