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Museum of bad album covers Exactly what it says on the tin. music, retroweb Added by reed

Nightwave Plaza A virtual desktop radio, much like Poolside.FM. Not as many desktop features, but a sweet Windows 95 aesthetic and cool video backgrounds, typically taken from anime. web, virtual desktop, music, retroweb Added by reed

Elliot's Computer The personal page of a web developer (creator of special.fish and Gossip's cafe, two other Terra entries {check them out!}), this page arrays its content in a multitude of little blocks, each one devoted to single purpose. Fun to explore, and a great gateway into a small artistic bubble, here in the web wasteland. personal, design, web, culture, discovery, music, art Added by reed

The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation A site dedicated to medieval music and arts as well as other random musings. Going strong since 1991 music, medieval, blog Added by uelen

~Dennis Havlena This page covers a really wide variety of DIY musical instruments and instrument modifications. There are tons of short articles on all kinds of instruments including the bagpipes, banjos, guitars, bazoukis, fiddles, hurdy gurdies, drums, a variety of African instruments, and more. Really a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. personal, music, retroweb, diy Added by reed

Open Music Theory An open source interactive online textbook for college level music theory music, theory, science, art, textbook, pedagogy, open source Added by aujxn

Trance Attic substance's trance mixes media, music Added by uelen

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