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~Mariano Pascual A virtual desktop created by a talented visual artist. The design is on point, the art is great, and the whole virtual desktop is well executed. Definitely worth checking out. art, virtual desktop, personal, web Added by uelen

8-Track Tape Repair A guide to the repair of 8-track tapes. There's tons of good guidance here and it's an incredibly useful resource if you've got any of these tapes. 8track, diy, repair Added by uelen

Flying Snake Homepage A homepage for flying snakes web, snakes Added by uelen

Astronaut Randomly selected YouTube videos. They have all been uploaded in the last week, and have almost zero prior views. It's a fascinating view into the breadth of video produced by humans, rather than the content made popular by the YouTube algorithm. web, communication Added by reed

MySpace A clone of early myspace web, social, retroweb Added by uelen

Elkins DIY The webpage of Paul Elkins, a self-taught vehicle designer. He focuses primarily on small bike campers, emergency shelters, and boats, all constructed from corrugated plastic. Fascinating and affordable designs, and he sells plans as well. personal, diy, design, boats, low tech, mechanics Added by reed

Mx. van Hoorn's Cabinet of Hypertext Curiosities Much like Terra, this is a web directory of neat links. Some stuff I've seen before, but nothing too popular or obvious, and everything is high quality. Still updated, so check back! personal, web, retroweb, discovery Added by reed

Simon Sarris's List of Art Collections A handy compendium of many different sources for digitized copies of public domain art. Simon's blog looks interesting too. personal, art, media Added by reed

Back Street Frying The website of 3 friends, and the recipes and food they eat. Find the "secret" blog or poke through some recipes. Consult the oracle for your mealplans, if you dare. personal, blog, culture, food Added by reed

Chris Shier Maurits Cornelis Escher-esque psychedelic art. Amazing web-based animations by Chris Shier. art, trippy, personal, media Added by aujxn

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way An incredibly detailed guide to vim and vimscript. The whole thing is set up as an easy-to-follow lesson and only requires minimal vim knowledge. vim, editing, programming Added by uelen

strandbeest Theo Jansen's website of Strandbeests sculpture, art, life, evolution Added by aujxn

Nerdy Pleasures This guy does a ton of hacking on old computers and gaming systems. There's some great hardware mods I've found on here and a huge wealth of content on systems from the Game Boy to DOS and the PCjr. retrocomputing, gaming, personal, blog Added by uelen

Ted the Caver The story of Ted's journeys into a cave near his house. This is a famous internet creepypasta that even got turned into a feature-length film. It's a wonder it's still preserved on angelfire! creepypasta, fiction Added by uelen

Max Bittker The personal site/portfolio of a web developer, this site is full of some fascinating projects. The author is the developer of orb.farm, broider, mojulo, and lunar bocce, all other Terra entries. Beautifully weird website, with lots of hidden interactions and fun controls. design, personal, web, art Added by reed

Mojulo A beautiful lo-fi visualization of mathematical functions. math, web, design Added by reed

Lunar Bocce An implementation of the classic lawn game, IN SPACE. Kept to two dimensions, probably for simplicy and to make it easy enough to be enjoyable, the goal is to throw your balls so that they end up as close to the small white ball initally thrown (the boccino or pallino in Italian.) Of course this is all complicated by gravity and the way the balls tend to slingshot around the planets. web, art, games Added by reed

Broider A small lo-fi tool for making 9-patch borders. Draw that you want, and then copy the CSS to your own page for neat retro style. art, design, web, retroweb Added by reed

Orb Farm A beautiful little game (or maybe art piece?) designed around the experience of building a small aquarium ecosystem. Styled like those old 'falling sand' games, this is surprisingly peaceful, and you'll be surprised at how sad you feel when the page reloads and your fish are gone. It's ok though - you can rebuild. web, retroweb, design, virtual desktop, art Added by reed

Elliot's Computer The personal page of a web developer (creator of special.fish and Gossip's cafe, two other Terra entries {check them out!}), this page arrays its content in a multitude of little blocks, each one devoted to single purpose. Fun to explore, and a great gateway into a small artistic bubble, here in the web wasteland. personal, design, web, culture, discovery, music, art Added by reed

Hundred Rabbits The creators of some totally FASCINATING software, Hundred Rabbits is a studio run by a duo consisting of a cartoonist/writer and a programmer/musician. Together, they travel the world in a small sailboat, building fascinating experimental software focused on self-reliance. personal, computers, boats, open source, design, sustainability, web, hacking, art, tech Added by reed

Yuichan A fun, SFW imageboard. Good vibes only. comfy, imageboard Added by uelen

Cameron's World Cameron's World is a collage made up in the style of an old geocities site. The page is full of gifs arranged by color and style, some leading to geocities pages and some opening fun trinkets. The whole page has a great layout and is fun to explore geocities, retroweb, discovery, web Added by uelen

Windows 93 A virtual desktop inspired by the 90s. Full of games, fun applications, and vapourwave gradients virtual desktop Added by uelen

~syx The personal website of Simone. The site is full of fun trinkets like a link directory and endless 3d maze personal, discovery, directory Added by uelen

ZineOS A whimsical online desktop complete with zines, accessories, and games virtual desktop, emulation, retroweb, design, web, art Added by uelen

The Medieval Music & Arts Foundation A site dedicated to medieval music and arts as well as other random musings. Going strong since 1991 music, medieval, blog Added by uelen

Gossip's Cafe Much like the Bus-Stop, this is a small anonymous text-board - all messages expire in 8 hours, and there are a few pre-defined topics to discuss. Very short-form discussions, and a great place to chat with random folks on the web. textboard, forum Added by reed

Special Fish Part web directory, part social media network, all fascinating. This experimental page groups people by interests and who they follow on the site. At the same time, it only has space for a few questions about individual users and a free-form text file, plus links to personal pages. textboard, web, design, directory, personal Added by reed

The Bus Stop An anonymous small talk message board. Posts are deleted after 24 hours, and can be accompanied with short uploaded files. textboard, forum Added by reed

href.cool A web directory, run by Kicks Condor (see below for their website.) A beautifully simple site tracking things that appeal to Kicks Condor's peculiar and wonderful style. web, culture, art, hackers, tech, personal, media, design, retroweb, directory Added by reed

~Dennis Havlena This page covers a really wide variety of DIY musical instruments and instrument modifications. There are tons of short articles on all kinds of instruments including the bagpipes, banjos, guitars, bazoukis, fiddles, hurdy gurdies, drums, a variety of African instruments, and more. Really a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. personal, music, retroweb, diy Added by reed

~gwern The Website of Gwern Branwen - this is a fascinatingly complex personal site/wiki, with extensive writing on a variety of topics. Worth it just for looking at the beautiful web/graphic design. Also a great example of a minimalist and fast site that still has all kinds of interface niceties like link previews and drop capitals. personal, blog, design, tech, hackers, journal, web, culture Added by reed

404 City Free XMPP hosting. This is an old-school federated messaging platform messaging, communication Added by uelen

PCem An IBM PC emulator. It can emulate a wide range of PCs and PC clones, complete with graphics and sound cards from the same era emulation, retrocomputing Added by uelen

This Vessel Does Not Exist AI generated pictures of vases. Sounds boring, but the website is oddly compelling as the generated vases morph and shift, adopting a wide variety of colors, patterns and forms. Genuinely mesmerizing, depending on your affection for amphorae. machine learning, culture, art, open source, design Added by reed

RAL A textboard. Mostly dead but there's still some discussion happening textboard, forum Added by uelen

Habitat Chronicles A blog site ran by the creators of Habitat. Covers random technical work, MMOs, and other varied topics blog, mmo, tech Added by uelen

Spitalfields Life A daily blog of the anonymous author's life in Spitalfields, London. Pictures, well-written stories and blog posts, and fascinating little slices of life in a really historic area. Hard to describe adequately. blog, archaeology, literature Added by reed

The Post Office A casual anonymous textboard. The friendliest textboard around textboard, forum Added by uelen

Peelo Paalu A massive web directory listing mostly 90s and 2000s sites web, retroweb, directory, discovery Added by uelen

wiby A search engine that only searches static web sites. These are all 2000s-era sites or sites built in the same style web, retroweb, discovery Added by uelen

GifCities A collection of gifs sourced straight from geocities gifs, retroweb Added by uelen

Wayne's Animated Gif Collection A collection of 2000's era animated gifs gifs, retroweb Added by uelen

The Car Hacker's Handbook A book on car security and car computers cars, hacking, mechanics Added by uelen

~Stephen Marz The blog of Stephen Marz. Stephen is building and documening an operating system that runs on RISC-V blog, personal, osdev, riscv Added by uelen

The Missing Quests An online games journal highlighting games from small, independent creators. Cool games that you won't see on big platforms or in other media media, gaming, journal Added by uelen

MUCKROCK A collection of public domain requests to the US government government, freedom Added by uelen

TYP3 Technologies Charles' forge for tech rust, personal, blog Added by aujxn

Open Music Theory An open source interactive online textbook for college level music theory music, theory, science, art, textbook, pedagogy, open source Added by aujxn

~kickscondor Who knows, really? This is a fascinating blog/web-directory/art piece? Honestly just worth exploring for the weird style and incredible variety of bizarre web animations. blog, journal, culture, design, media, web Added by reed

~xj9 xj9's personal site and blog personal, blog, solarpunk Added by uelen

the textfile directory A collection of plain-text files, primarily from the mid-1980s, when person-to-person-via-computer communication happened almost exclusively in plain text. Think of these as the original memes, before computers were good at sending and displaying graphics. See the Top 100 to get a sense of what kind of material is here. retrocomputers, culture, literature, tech, computers, hackers Added by reed

The Mahjong Guide A site dedicated to mahjong and mahjong strategy. Great for improving your mahjong game mahjong, games, strategy Added by uelen

The Seasteading Institute Crazy libertarian floating cities utopia, city design, seasteading Added by uelen

Lost Art Press Blog A blog published by Lost Art Press, a small publisher focusing on historical woodworking. Lots of fascinating articles on the design of furniture and tools throughout history - really neat for those into UX and product design. Occasional material that, although not political really, touches on the founder's peculiar brand of anarchism. diy, blog, anarchism, design Added by reed

Low Tech Magazine An online magazine dedicated to encouraging alternative tech and reviving 'obselete' technology to solve modern problems. Has a focus on sustainability as well. The website is served by a solar-powered Raspberry Pi. low tech, open source, diy, sustainability Added by reed

Chest of Books A compendium of a wide variety of public domain books, all converted to HTML format. Mostly non-fiction. I've looked through their camping and DIY books primarily and have found some gems. public domain, media, diy Added by reed

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs Fascinating DIY boats by Jim Michalak - these are rather unusual and strange looking, but easy to build and fun to use! He has a catalog of 'prototype' boats available for $3, and articles on boat design fairly regularly. diy, boats, blog Added by reed

Alex Schroeder's Blog The online diary of Alex Schroeder, developer of the Oddmuse wiki platform (used by Emacswiki, which he also runs.) Also writes about TTRPGS and programming (occasionally combining the two!) lisp, ttrpgs, blog Added by reed

Eat Your Words A recipe series centered around the food in the lives and works of famous authors. Released by The Paris Review literary magazine. food, literature Added by reed

Open Source Ecology An organization working on open source instructions for building the "Global Village Construction Set" low tech, diy, open source Added by reed

Ribbonfarm Articles by very smart but slightly eccentric writers. Mostly focused on modern culture and events journal, blog Added by uelen

StumblingOn StumblingOn takes you to random, interesting webpages web, discovery Added by uelen

Trance Attic substance's trance mixes media, music Added by uelen

allRGB A collection of images where every rgb color appears exactly once media Added by uelen

la finzdani uelen's personal site personal, blog Added by uelen

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