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acdw's capsule acdw's Gemini capsule. They're the developer of bollux and an admin of breadpunks.club. personal, gemini, blog Added by u9000

fdisk Fred's digital garden and personal site. He's an interesting guy and his site reflects that. Topics include: tabletop RPGs, forgotten board games, video game development, print-making and sculpture personal, art, tech Added by reed

Simplifier A site about building technology from simple materials and techniques. This site explores electronics, woodworking, chemistry, ceramics, glassworking, and other areas. diy, low tech, personal Added by benjamin

Wetfish "A crystalline anarchy, a direct democracy with Rachel as your benevolent baby sitter." "There is nothing to find here but the undying vacuum more commonly known as friendship." Take from that what you will. retroweb, personal, wiki, web, gifs Added by reed

~xq xq's personal site. They do cool work with gemini and demoscenes personal, web, gemini Added by uelen

STRML Samuel Reed's personal site, presented as an interactive programming exercise. web, personal Added by uelen

XXIIVV - the wiki of Devine Lu Linvega Half of the dynamic duo that runs Hundred Rabbits (also on Terra), Devine Lu Linvega runs this wiki. Lots of really cool projects documented here, as well as information about Devine, their research and music, and the 33 foot sailboat they travel the world on. personal, exocortex, wiki, tech, design, art Added by reed

Hannu's Boatyard Free plans of micro-boats, distributed by a hobbyist boat designer in Finland. Lots of these can be constructed from a single 4'x8' sheet of plywood, shockingly enough, though naturally you wouldn't be taking these boats on anything but the most protected of waters. boats, personal, diy Added by reed

Craig O'D's Cheap Pages A profoundly personal website, this is "A pre-blog blog" around the interests of the eponymous Craig O'D. It covers a variety of topics including: cheap guitars, Chinese Lugsails, plywood boats, tube amps, and Wanda the Cat. Check it out. boats, personal, diy, retroweb Added by reed

Ian MacLarty An Australian game developer, Ian MacLarty develops awesome, small, and experimental games. Check out his Itch.io page to browse and play a few. He also produces the open source Lua framework Amulet. personal, tech Added by reed

The Webb Blog The blog of Anthony Paul Webb, a software architect, the articles here are really fascinating. Of particular interest are the articles on operating system UI - so much of the commentary on operating systems is focused on the underlying technical debates (microkernel vs. monolithic kernel, permissions systems, sandboxing, etc). This is a refreshing change, and it doesn't hurt that the writing is good. personal, blog, tech, user interface Added by reed

evilsocket The blog of Simone (different than simone.computer I believe) a self-taught programmer with an interest in security. Some awesome articles and projects, including the amazing Pwnagotchi, an automated wifi deauther with a cute face and a personality. Unfortunately it appears that Simone is taking a break to focus their efforts elsewhere but hopefully soon they return to publishing their awesome content. blog, personal, open source, tech Added by reed

Alexander Greene The personal site of Alexander Greene, this site is covered in beautiflu small watercolors and neat articles, including Arts & Crafts and Recipes sections. personal, design Added by reed

Monokai "Monokai is the lab of Wimer Hazenberg" the website says. Indeed it is! The scrolling animation and the curious web experiments are fascinating. Wimer Hazenberg is the designer of the Monokai color palette, which is ubiquitous in syntax highlighting for code editors. While the site isn't as intricate or deep as some, the content that's front and center is awesome. design, personal Added by reed

meyerweb.com The beautiful personal and professional site of Eric Meyer. He's a web designer, and the site has been around since 1999. It's beautifully designed, and his writing is excellent - the articles on CSS are a real treat, as are the smalll tools he has designed and published. personal, web, design Added by reed

SIX EYES A personal site of ... someone? It's really awesome though - they seem to be a big fan of synthesizers, and their webpage strikes an awesome mix between being beautiful, mysterious, informative, and simple. personal, mystery, design Added by reed

The Whimsical Web A web directory much like Terra, The Whimsical Web is focused on whimsical web design - fun, silly websites. A lot of the featured sites are the portfolio or professional sites of web designers, and feature great art as well as fun effects. web, design, personal, art, discovery Added by reed

2bit A personal site all about 2-bit graphics. The kind of fun retro site that's just about someone's personal interests, with no ulterior motives or inventives (though there is a web store selling their designs {which are really cool!}). There are lots of little easter eggs all over the site, so it's quite fun to explore. personal, design, retroweb Added by reed

~Mariano Pascual A virtual desktop created by a talented visual artist. The design is on point, the art is great, and the whole virtual desktop is well executed. Definitely worth checking out. art, virtual desktop, personal, web Added by uelen

Elkins DIY The webpage of Paul Elkins, a self-taught vehicle designer. He focuses primarily on small bike campers, emergency shelters, and boats, all constructed from corrugated plastic. Fascinating and affordable designs, and he sells plans as well. personal, diy, design, boats, low tech, mechanics Added by reed

Mx. van Hoorn's Cabinet of Hypertext Curiosities Much like Terra, this is a web directory of neat links. Some stuff I've seen before, but nothing too popular or obvious, and everything is high quality. Still updated, so check back! personal, web, retroweb, discovery Added by reed

Simon Sarris's List of Art Collections A handy compendium of many different sources for digitized copies of public domain art. Simon's blog looks interesting too. personal, art, media Added by reed

Back Street Frying The website of 3 friends, and the recipes and food they eat. Find the "secret" blog or poke through some recipes. Consult the oracle for your mealplans, if you dare. personal, blog, culture, food Added by reed

Chris Shier Maurits Cornelis Escher-esque psychedelic art. Amazing web-based animations by Chris Shier. art, trippy, personal, media Added by aujxn

Nerdy Pleasures This guy does a ton of hacking on old computers and gaming systems. There's some great hardware mods I've found on here and a huge wealth of content on systems from the Game Boy to DOS and the PCjr. retrocomputing, gaming, personal, blog Added by uelen

Max Bittker The personal site/portfolio of a web developer, this site is full of some fascinating projects. The author is the developer of orb.farm, broider, mojulo, and lunar bocce, all other Terra entries. Beautifully weird website, with lots of hidden interactions and fun controls. design, personal, web, art Added by reed

Elliot's Computer The personal page of a web developer (creator of special.fish and Gossip's cafe, two other Terra entries {check them out!}), this page arrays its content in a multitude of little blocks, each one devoted to single purpose. Fun to explore, and a great gateway into a small artistic bubble, here in the web wasteland. personal, design, web, culture, discovery, music, art Added by reed

Hundred Rabbits The creators of some totally FASCINATING software, Hundred Rabbits is a studio run by a duo consisting of a cartoonist/writer and a programmer/musician. Together, they travel the world in a small sailboat, building fascinating experimental software focused on self-reliance. personal, computers, boats, open source, design, sustainability, web, hacking, art, tech Added by reed

~syx The personal website of Simone. The site is full of fun trinkets like a link directory and endless 3d maze personal, discovery, directory Added by uelen

Special Fish Part web directory, part social media network, all fascinating. This experimental page groups people by interests and who they follow on the site. At the same time, it only has space for a few questions about individual users and a free-form text file, plus links to personal pages. textboard, web, design, directory, personal Added by reed

href.cool A web directory, run by Kicks Condor (see below for their website.) A beautifully simple site tracking things that appeal to Kicks Condor's peculiar and wonderful style. web, culture, art, hackers, tech, personal, media, design, retroweb, directory Added by reed

~Dennis Havlena This page covers a really wide variety of DIY musical instruments and instrument modifications. There are tons of short articles on all kinds of instruments including the bagpipes, banjos, guitars, bazoukis, fiddles, hurdy gurdies, drums, a variety of African instruments, and more. Really a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. personal, music, retroweb, diy Added by reed

~gwern The Website of Gwern Branwen - this is a fascinatingly complex personal site/wiki, with extensive writing on a variety of topics. Worth it just for looking at the beautiful web/graphic design. Also a great example of a minimalist and fast site that still has all kinds of interface niceties like link previews and drop capitals. personal, blog, design, tech, hackers, journal, web, culture Added by reed

~Stephen Marz The blog of Stephen Marz. Stephen is building and documening an operating system that runs on RISC-V blog, personal, osdev, riscv Added by uelen

TYP3 Technologies Charles' forge for tech rust, personal, blog Added by aujxn

~xj9 xj9's personal site and blog personal, blog, solarpunk Added by uelen

la finzdani uelen's personal site personal, blog Added by uelen

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