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Simplifier A site about building technology from simple materials and techniques. This site explores electronics, woodworking, chemistry, ceramics, glassworking, and other areas. diy, low tech, personal Added by benjamin

Hannu's Boatyard Free plans of micro-boats, distributed by a hobbyist boat designer in Finland. Lots of these can be constructed from a single 4'x8' sheet of plywood, shockingly enough, though naturally you wouldn't be taking these boats on anything but the most protected of waters. boats, personal, diy Added by reed

The Mother of All Maritime Links The title promises a lot, but it does genuinely deliver. It's referenced all over on the internet when researching DIY wooden boats, and has a plethora of links (some now sadly broken.) Expect to use the WayBack machine a fair bit, and sometimes you'll be disappointed. But, it's well worth browsing if you're interested in boats. boats, diy Added by reed

Craig O'D's Cheap Pages A profoundly personal website, this is "A pre-blog blog" around the interests of the eponymous Craig O'D. It covers a variety of topics including: cheap guitars, Chinese Lugsails, plywood boats, tube amps, and Wanda the Cat. Check it out. boats, personal, diy, retroweb Added by reed

8-Track Tape Repair A guide to the repair of 8-track tapes. There's tons of good guidance here and it's an incredibly useful resource if you've got any of these tapes. 8track, diy, repair Added by uelen

Elkins DIY The webpage of Paul Elkins, a self-taught vehicle designer. He focuses primarily on small bike campers, emergency shelters, and boats, all constructed from corrugated plastic. Fascinating and affordable designs, and he sells plans as well. personal, diy, design, boats, low tech, mechanics Added by reed

~Dennis Havlena This page covers a really wide variety of DIY musical instruments and instrument modifications. There are tons of short articles on all kinds of instruments including the bagpipes, banjos, guitars, bazoukis, fiddles, hurdy gurdies, drums, a variety of African instruments, and more. Really a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. personal, music, retroweb, diy Added by reed

Lost Art Press Blog A blog published by Lost Art Press, a small publisher focusing on historical woodworking. Lots of fascinating articles on the design of furniture and tools throughout history - really neat for those into UX and product design. Occasional material that, although not political really, touches on the founder's peculiar brand of anarchism. diy, blog, anarchism, design Added by reed

Low Tech Magazine An online magazine dedicated to encouraging alternative tech and reviving 'obselete' technology to solve modern problems. Has a focus on sustainability as well. The website is served by a solar-powered Raspberry Pi. low tech, open source, diy, sustainability Added by reed

Chest of Books A compendium of a wide variety of public domain books, all converted to HTML format. Mostly non-fiction. I've looked through their camping and DIY books primarily and have found some gems. public domain, media, diy Added by reed

Jim Michalak's Boat Designs Fascinating DIY boats by Jim Michalak - these are rather unusual and strange looking, but easy to build and fun to use! He has a catalog of 'prototype' boats available for $3, and articles on boat design fairly regularly. diy, boats, blog Added by reed

Open Source Ecology An organization working on open source instructions for building the "Global Village Construction Set" low tech, diy, open source Added by reed

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