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Welcome to Terra! My name's uelen. I've been collecting links along with some of my link cowboy friends and I've stuck all of them online for your perusal. If you tire of the bustling activity and endless scurry of the modern web then sit back, throw open your browser, and start your meander through the hypertext wasteland. The fresh air will certainly do you some good, and you just might stumble on something profound hiding out there past all the sagebrush and tumbleweed.

Terra has a few different curators:

uelen <uelen at finzdani.net>

Source is at https://gitlab.com/waylon531/terra

Applications for new curators are always open! Just email one of our curators and they can set up with a new account. Or, if you've found a particularly noteworthy site, then feel free to email it to one of Terra's existing curators and you just might see it pop up in the directory.

Happy trails!