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evilsocket The blog of Simone (different than simone.computer I believe) a self-taught programmer with an interest in security. Some awesome articles and projects, including the amazing Pwnagotchi, an automated wifi deauther with a cute face and a personality. Unfortunately it appears that Simone is taking a break to focus their efforts elsewhere but hopefully soon they return to publishing their awesome content. blog, personal, open source, tech Added by reed

tildeverse The homepage for tildeverse, a loose association of tildes. Tildes are public unix systems, like sdf.org below, though the tilde movement is much more recent. They have an irc network and a mumble server, and links to many other tilde communities, as well as a many other services and projects that are tilde-related. retroweb, tilde, culture, open source Added by reed

Hundred Rabbits The creators of some totally FASCINATING software, Hundred Rabbits is a studio run by a duo consisting of a cartoonist/writer and a programmer/musician. Together, they travel the world in a small sailboat, building fascinating experimental software focused on self-reliance. personal, computers, boats, open source, design, sustainability, web, hacking, art, tech Added by reed

This Vessel Does Not Exist AI generated pictures of vases. Sounds boring, but the website is oddly compelling as the generated vases morph and shift, adopting a wide variety of colors, patterns and forms. Genuinely mesmerizing, depending on your affection for amphorae. machine learning, culture, art, open source, design Added by reed

Open Music Theory An open source interactive online textbook for college level music theory music, theory, science, art, textbook, pedagogy, open source Added by aujxn

Low Tech Magazine An online magazine dedicated to encouraging alternative tech and reviving 'obselete' technology to solve modern problems. Has a focus on sustainability as well. The website is served by a solar-powered Raspberry Pi. low tech, open source, diy, sustainability Added by reed

Open Source Ecology An organization working on open source instructions for building the "Global Village Construction Set" low tech, diy, open source Added by reed

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