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WWWTXT An archival project that mines the records of the internet from 1980 to 1994, picking out insightful excerpts of 140 or fewer characters. art, retroweb, virtual desktop, culture, media, web, archaeology Added by reed

Cern's World Wide Web A web-based port of Tim Berners-Lee's original web browser and WYSIWYG editor. An awesome sight into what started the web, and inspires us to think about what might have been and could still come to be. virtual desktop, retroweb, web Added by reed

Nightwave Plaza A virtual desktop radio, much like Poolside.FM. Not as many desktop features, but a sweet Windows 95 aesthetic and cool video backgrounds, typically taken from anime. web, virtual desktop, music, retroweb Added by reed

~Mariano Pascual A virtual desktop created by a talented visual artist. The design is on point, the art is great, and the whole virtual desktop is well executed. Definitely worth checking out. art, virtual desktop, personal, web Added by uelen

Orb Farm A beautiful little game (or maybe art piece?) designed around the experience of building a small aquarium ecosystem. Styled like those old 'falling sand' games, this is surprisingly peaceful, and you'll be surprised at how sad you feel when the page reloads and your fish are gone. It's ok though - you can rebuild. web, retroweb, design, virtual desktop, art Added by reed

Windows 93 A virtual desktop inspired by the 90s. Full of games, fun applications, and vapourwave gradients virtual desktop Added by uelen

ZineOS A whimsical online desktop complete with zines, accessories, and games virtual desktop, emulation, retroweb, design, web, art Added by uelen

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