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Gossip's Cafe Much like the Bus-Stop, this is a small anonymous text-board - all messages expire in 8 hours, and there are a few pre-defined topics to discuss. Very short-form discussions, and a great place to chat with random folks on the web. textboard, forum Added by reed

Special Fish Part web directory, part social media network, all fascinating. This experimental page groups people by interests and who they follow on the site. At the same time, it only has space for a few questions about individual users and a free-form text file, plus links to personal pages. textboard, web, design, directory, personal Added by reed

The Bus Stop An anonymous small talk message board. Posts are deleted after 24 hours, and can be accompanied with short uploaded files. textboard, forum Added by reed

RAL A textboard. Mostly dead but there's still some discussion happening textboard, forum Added by uelen

The Post Office A casual anonymous textboard. The friendliest textboard around textboard, forum Added by uelen

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