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Mechanical Sympathy A blog about performant software engineering on modern hardware. The absolutely miraculous performance improvements in computer hardware over the past few decades have been almost completely almost entirely cancelled out by inefficient software. This blog explains many of the the performance properties and quirks of modern hardware in order to build software that actually takes advantage of it. blog, tech, programming, performance Added by benjamin

~jart Jart's homepage. Lots of cool projects here but especially of note are cosmopolitan libc and αcτµαlly pδrταblε εxεcµταblε which both are projects that let you compile C once and run it anywhere. C is finally truly portable. tech, programming, c Added by uelen

Learn Vimscript the Hard Way An incredibly detailed guide to vim and vimscript. The whole thing is set up as an easy-to-follow lesson and only requires minimal vim knowledge. vim, editing, programming Added by uelen

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