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Simplifier A site about building technology from simple materials and techniques. This site explores electronics, woodworking, chemistry, ceramics, glassworking, and other areas. diy, low tech, personal Added by benjamin

Elkins DIY The webpage of Paul Elkins, a self-taught vehicle designer. He focuses primarily on small bike campers, emergency shelters, and boats, all constructed from corrugated plastic. Fascinating and affordable designs, and he sells plans as well. personal, diy, design, boats, low tech, mechanics Added by reed

Low Tech Magazine An online magazine dedicated to encouraging alternative tech and reviving 'obselete' technology to solve modern problems. Has a focus on sustainability as well. The website is served by a solar-powered Raspberry Pi. low tech, open source, diy, sustainability Added by reed

Open Source Ecology An organization working on open source instructions for building the "Global Village Construction Set" low tech, diy, open source Added by reed

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